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This is a new website by ProSoccer (Prognosis Soccer) that will host the next generation of free predictions for soccer, basketball and tennis, sports data and analytics, plus many additional exciting features. Please select one of our topics:

world cup 2022

Photo by Damir SenĨar

World Cup Final Prediction

NEW:  Free soccer match predictions from the Prosoccer v2 engine with characterization of probabilities and odds ...

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world cup 2022 group standings
NEW: Live Group Standings

Live update of group standings according to current match scores ...

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world cup 2022 live scenario
Live Team Pairs Scenario

Live scenario of team pairs for the knockout matches updated with current match scores and our predicted probabilities ...

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world cup 2022
World Cup Winner Prediction

We use Machine Learning to generate probabilities for each national team to become soccer world champion ...

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world cup 2022
Group Stage Prediction

The first phase of our algorithm gave probabilities for the team standings after the end of the group phase ...

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world cup 2022
Knockout Progress Prediction

Probabilities to advance to the next stage of the competition. You can view what chances a team has, if it would reach the Round of 16 ..., Quarter Finals and Semi Finals .

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world cup 2022
National Team Lineups

Discover the players that will represent their countries in Qatar and additional squad data ...

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world cup 2022
Soccer Clubs in World Cup

Have a look at which soccer clubs have the most players in the world cup ...

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world cup 2022 scenario
Original Team Pairs Scenario Prediction

The original scenario of team pairs for the knockout matches according to our predicted probabilities ...

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